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My CDs: solo and otherwise

Making albums is my favorite artistic endeavor. I have spent a lot of time and energy crafting my recordings, and I'm proud of every one of them.

If you would like to purchase and pay with a credit card, please visit Fool's Hill Music. Simply cut and paste the following link:

If you wish to contact me directly about purchasing (check or cash only) any or all of my CDs, please e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 919.967.4934

All CDs sold through me are $15 each (except "Repast", which is $25) ; add $5 for postage/mailbag. ("Repast" is also available as a downloadable version--complete with all of the artwork, liner notes, photos, CD cover, rear, and inside--for $22. That option is available through the Fool's Hill Music site.)

Sundays is a collection of music that I've performed at my church over the years. It's very, very quiet, simple, short (about one-half as long as "Guitarheel"!), and sweet. This one is mostly solo guitar, and it's designed for quiet times.

Guitarheel is my magnum opus. It is 72 minutes long (whew!) and the twenty cuts on it feature nineteen musical friends. Among them: Robin and Linda Williams, Peter Ostroushko, Orrin Star and Nina Gerber. Tons of guitar and mandolin. Everything from Hank Williams to Vivaldi to Charlie Parker to George Gershwin to Woody Guthrie to several originals from yours truly. This one also has a twenty page booklet. I have never worked as hard on anything as I did on this album.

r3 is the Rounders' final recording. There's a ton of good tunes on it--some original, some traditional, and some old favorites (Woody Guthrie, Dylan, Lennon/McCartney). In all honesty, this is a good one, and you get a lot of music on one CD. We jokingly call this one "The Gray Album" in homage to you-know-who (I hope you know who!), and to acknowledge that we are indeed getting gray!  In fact, it would be probably about two LPs of material, if LPs were still around.

Happy Holidays is an album of mostly Christmas music, recorded in 1986. It's very simple--just two guitars (Barbara Heller and myself) with no overdubs or fancy production.  It is probably the most popular recording I have ever done. I am very happy with this one.

Luzerne is my first solo CD. It's straightforward, and uncluttered, and has lots of great songs on it. Among the writers: John Lennon, Steve Goodman, John Fahey, and me. Among the players: Peter Ostroushko, Tony Markellis, Stringfellows, and my Racquette River Rounder buds. I am pretty happy with this recording, warts and all.

Old Friends is my second solo CD: there a lot of songs that I've played and listened to over the years (hence the title; some of these pieces were recorded on earlier albums), and this recording features some of them (Donovan's "Colors"; Hendrix' "Little Wing", among others) as well as  a number of newer original mandolincompositions that were inspired by my favorite picking partner, Peter Ostroushko. I worked very hard on this album, and I'm really pleased with the results.

Gotham and Kribs(aka "The Old Goats"!) is our first duo album. It features us equally as players and singers, and I think that it speaks to our omnipresent chemistry and mutual admiration. One original from John, and others from Tom Waits, Hank Williams, Norman Blake, Richard Thompson....

The Blues album is mostly electric. It has lots of blues standards--John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed, Big Bill Broonzy.. Features mostly my Northern NY crew--the Rounders, Frank Carcaterra and Rick Rumney on drums, and Kevin Maul on dobro and slide guitars. Straightforward and lots of fun.

Sundays Two (with Glenn Mehrbach) is the followup to my "Sundays" album. It features both solos (me on guitar and Glenn on piano) and duets, and features two of Glenn's originals, as well as several other selections (hymns, jazz and folk standards) that we have played at the Community Church--in services or special events--over the years. Glenn is one of the finest musicians I know, and this is an album that we both take great pride in.

It only took 25 years, but Barb Heller and I finally released a sequel to "Happy Holidays". All Through the NIght is 15 new tracks of winter holiday music, and it's a gem. I'm very pleased that we made this long-delayed album happen.

repast is a double CD. I spent about two years on it; it is a special project to commemorate turning sixty and being (more or less) in one piece. I have a huge supporting cast, and the music reflects my eclectic tastes: An original mandolin waltz, a Puerto Rican cuatro piece, Count Basie's "Down for Double", a solo ukulele rendition of "Something", you name it. The one real departure for me on this album are the tracks featuring some good friends doing lead vocals. Thirty-two tracks; about an hour and forty three minutes of music. If "Guitarheel" was my magnum opus, this is a double. A very filling "meal"....Guaranteed.

​​A Good Set is a new territory for me; I have always wanted to do an album that basically represented a typical set at my rare solo shows. I don't do solo shows very often, but I do like the challenge. This album has zero overdubs. Ten tracks, with equal portions of vocals and instrumentals. The entire album was recorded in one session of about five hours. All things considered, it came out pretty good. (this one is now officially out of print.... But see below!)

Solo  is the followup to "A Good Set". I got to thinking about how a typical solo show is two sets, so I recorded another album. I made 10 new tracks. (the second "set"), added them to the tracks from"A Good Set" (the first "set").and thus one CD with all of the tracks.